Improve Production with Limousin Cattle Breeding

Did you know?

Limousin guarantee excellent productivity at a low cost. The bulls are extremely fertile and their good conformation is passed on to all progeny, whatever the dams’ breeding, while their lighter frame ensures ease of calving. Beef producers rearing Limousin cattle can expect bulls and cross-bred cows to do well on marginal land and their progeny to finish faster. They are also considered “Butcher’s Choice” for their high percentage lean carcass.

Brown Eden Limousin

We breed drug free, grass fed Limousin cattle for breeding stock. Individual meat orders are also available. We are now offering semen  for sale.

Contact us if you would like to improve your cattle’s production by introducing limousin genetics to your herd.

NEWS! Brown Eden George is ONE of very few BULLS in Canada and the USA to be a Full Blood Homo Polled

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